Ice Skating Jewellery Care

Ice Skating Jewellery care

Over time, silver jewellery will become dull and lose its sparkle, but cleaning your jewellery is not difficult, it just needs a little bit of care and attention every now and again.

Cleaning your Ice Skating Jewellery

  • Ice Skating Jewellery should be cleaned regularly by giving an occasional rub with a specialist silver cloth. This will keep your jewellery sparkling and shiny.
  • To clean particularly dull and dirty silver and gold-plated surfaces, use a specialist silver dip which is widely available to buy online. Google 'silver dip'.
  • When your Ice Skating Jewellery is not being worn, store in the original box wrapped with acid free tissue paper. This will stop your jewellery tarnishing further.
  • With all items of jewellery, avoid contact with perfume, detergents and hair products etc, which can blacken/tarnish silver.
  • Mini silver cloths are available to purchase at a cost of £2.50 when you order any products from Ice Skating Jewellery.
Ice Skating Jewellery Polishing Cloth

If you have pieces that are particularly tarnished or that are in need of a bit of attention, Ice Skating Jewellery offers a clean and revamp service, please enquire for more details.