About Ice Skating Jewellery

There’s nothing like watching someone pour out every ounce of themselves onto the ice. The dedication, the hope, the sweat, the dreams. I’ve watched the stories unfold again and again, passing hours by the side of the ice rink as my daughter trained.

As a graduate of Silversmithing from the Royal College of Art I’ve built a business from making jewellery. I craft by hand, often bespoke pieces that reflect something personal about whoever’s wearing them.

It was probably inevitable then, that one day my love of working with precious metal would collide with all the power, heart and passion of what it means to be a figure skater.

This collection of ice skating jewellery is simple, modern and unique with the greatest emphasis on craftsmanship. My hope is that it captures the joy and obsession of this sport for anyone that wears it.

Diana Greenwood MA (RCA)

If you are curious to see what else I make, you can visit my personal website: dianagreenwood.com