Gift Ideas for Figure Skaters: Celebrating the Spirit of the Ice


As the holiday season approaches, it is time to start thinking about the perfect gifts for the figure skaters in your life. Whether it is your daughter or son who spends mornings gliding gracefully on the ice, your mum who tirelessly adds that extra sparkle to your skating costume or your dedicated coach who has guided your journey this year, there are plenty of thoughtful and meaningful gifts that can make their Christmas extra special.

Let's delve into a variety of Christmas gift suggestions for figure skaters, from handcrafted jewellery inspired by ice skate blades to tokens of appreciation for the unsung heroes behind every skater's success.

While this list isn't exhaustive, it is designed to spark your gift-giving creativity.

Gifts for the Figure Skater❄️

1. Training outfits:

There are some fantastic companies producing great quality training clothes for figure skaters, here are a few of my personal favourites:
Chique Sport - Developed by British national champion and figure skating coach, Jenna McCorkell.

JIVSPORT - Run by Kersti Allik and her daughter Johanna Allik, a professional figure skater turned coach, the clothes are locally produced in Estonia.

Karisma - 100% Italian quality performance skating wear.

figure skaters wearing skating apparel from different brands

Search for leggings and tops that provide freedom of movement, effectively wick away sweat without exposing the skater to the risk of getting chilled, and maintain warmth while on the ice. Layering is an ideal choice of ice skating attire.

2. Blade covers/soakers:

Novelty-shaped or personalised, these are vital in protecting your expensive blades against rust. Check out:

Dragonflice on Etsy for personalised soakers in gorgeous colours and designs. 

SleekEdge for personalised soakers, boot covers and legwarmers.

3. Training Aids:Spinners, resistance bands and crash pants.

Elite Skating Company for premium spinners and balance boards.


elite skating company figure skating spinner

Resistance bands and crash pants -available on Amazon

4. Skating Accessories:

Gloves, socks, Bunga pads, air freshener for boots Buy gloves in bulk online -skaters are brilliant at losing them or leaving them at the rink.

5. Bunga Pads- it is far cheaper to buy these sleeves from online Medical Supply Shops or eBay: Google ‘gel ankle sleeves’

6. The Book of Figure Skating

The Book of Figure Skating is an original work by figure skater Johanna Allik. It includes original interviews with Loena Hendrickx, Ilia Malinin, Romain Haguenauer, Rafael Arutyunyan, Jordan @oniceperspectives, Eveliina Tikkinen, Kate McSwain and more.
This book is a manual to become the best figure skater you can be, fall back in love or fall even more in love with figure skating.

The Book of Figure Skating

The Book Of Figure Skating By Johanna Allik

7. Off-Ice Training: We all know how important this is to help with your jumps, spins, and positions on the ice. What about online courses which can fit in with your on-ice training and your life off the ice?

Elite Edge is run by two Worlds 2023 Figure Skating Competitors and has different memberships to suit your lifestyle. Online courses include balance, power, dance, yoga, Pilates, stretching, conditioning and jump technique.

image of two elite figure skaters

8. Ice Skating Jewellery: Handmade Jewellery Inspired by Ice Skate Blades

 collage image of ice skating jewellery on hands and on a figure skater

For many figure skaters, their passion for the sport extends beyond the ice beneath their feet; it's also a profound way to express their love for figure skating.

This holiday season, consider gifting something truly exceptional and beautiful—handmade jewellery inspired by the blade on an ice skate.

These pieces can be customized, serving as a constant, cherished reminder of their devotion to figure skating.

  • Necklaces: Charm them with ice skate blade necklaces in sterling silver, gold, or gold-plated silver. Personalize with a name or motivational motto.
  • Earrings: Elevate any skater's style with ice skate blade earrings in stud or hoop styles.
  • Bracelets: Petite ice skate blade charms on bracelets offer a heartfelt, daily connection to their beloved sport.
  • Cufflinks: Express gratitude with ice skating-themed cufflinks – the perfect "thank you" for fathers, boyfriends, or granddads.
Capture the essence of figure skating with handcrafted, personalised jewellery: iceskatingjewellery


Gifts for Mum - The Ultimate Supporter🎁

Mums play an essential role in the life of a figure skater, from sewing costumes to providing unwavering emotional support through the highs and lows of training. Show your appreciation with thoughtful gifts.

  1. Spa Day or Relaxation Gift Basket/Hamper:

Give her the gift of relaxation with a spa day or a basket filled with bath bombs, scented candles and luxurious skincare products. After all the early morning practices and sacrifices, she deserves some pampering.

  1. Handmade Silver Jewellery

Show your appreciation with a piece of handmade silver jewellery in the shape of ice skate blades. It is a beautiful, sentimental gift that she can wear to proudly display her support for your skating journey.

hand holding a silver ice skating necklace engraved with the words skater mum
  1. Customized Photo Album or Scrapbook:

Create a photo album or scrapbook with memories from your skating journey together. Include pictures from competitions, practice sessions, and heartfelt notes to remind her of the highs and lows you have shared.

Gifts for the Early Morning Chauffeur🎁

For the person who faithfully drives their figure skater to the rink each morning, a thoughtful gift that shows appreciation for their dedication is in order. Consider giving them a personalised travel mug with a heartfelt message or a photo of you in your skating gear.

  1. Quality Coffee Thermos/Travel Mug

Keep them warm during those early morning drives to the rink with a high-quality coffee thermos. Choose one that fits in the car's cup holder for convenience.

From my own experience, my favourite hot drink mug is by YETI and keeps drinks warm for hours.

  1. Cosy Blanket

Winter mornings at the rink can be bone-chilling. Gift your ‘taxi driver’ a big blanket to keep them comfortable while waiting for you to finish training.

pile of cosy warm blankets
  1. Figure Skating Themed Items

Find figure skating-themed items like a keychain, mug, or T-shirt with witty phrases that acknowledge their dedication as the "Skating Taxi Driver."

keyrings with the words mum's taxi and dads taxi on them

Etsy has some great handcrafted ideas made by small businesses.

Gifts for the Coach - The Mentor and Guide 🎁

Your coach has been there with you every step of the way, pushing you to improve and guiding you towards success. This Christmas, consider gifting your coach something that reflects their passion for figure skating. A high-quality skating accessory, like a blade towel or a skate blade necklace, could be a meaningful gesture. Additionally, consider writing a heartfelt thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their dedication and expertise.

  1. Gift Cards for a Spa Day or Restaurant:

Give them the gift of relaxation or a delicious meal at a local restaurant. It's a great way to thank them and provide them with some well-deserved downtime.

  1. Thank You Card with a Personal Message:

Sometimes, the most meaningful gifts are heartfelt words of thanks. Write a thoughtful thank-you card expressing your gratitude for their guidance and support.

thankyou card for a figure skating coach


Gifts for your figure skating friends🎁

They have been there for you all year, through the highs and the lows. Show them that you appreciate every moment of encouragement, confiding, crying, and laughing rink side.

  1. Quirky Socks: The more amusing, the better!
  2. Plush keyring – to add to their skate bag.
  3. Gloves: Since they always borrow your gloves, why not gift them a cosy pair of their own? Keep their hands warm during chilly training sessions.
  4. Tissue Box Cover – (Think of Yuzuru Hanyu's affinity for Pooh!) It adds a touch of whimsy to their rink-side essentials.
  5. Coffee Mug -for waking up on those early mornings for training, a coffee mug is a practical yet thoughtful gift, helping your bestie to kickstart their day.
mug for a figure skater with a witty line on about skating being more important than school

    This holiday season, let your loved ones know how much you appreciate their support and dedication to your figure skating journey. With the right gifts, you can express your gratitude heartfelt and meaningfully.

    Whether it is a customized piece of jewellery, warm gear for your morning chauffeur or a spa treatment for your mum, thoughtful presents can warm the hearts of those who have been with you through the highs and lows of training.

    Celebrate the spirit of the ice and make this Christmas a memorable one for your figure-skating family! 


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