Commission a custom piece of jewellery

A bespoke piece of Ice Skating Jewellery with special significance

Do you have your own idea for a bespoke piece of ice skating jewellery?
If so, then I’d love to bring it to life for you.
Maybe it’s a word that always motivates or a time, date or situation that you always want to remember. Whatever the reason, commissioning your own piece of ice skating jewellery is an incredible way to mark something with meaning.
As a trained jeweller I’ve made many extraordinary and unique pieces for clients that are complete one-offs, never to be copied or repeated.
I’d love to do the same for you.
Just contact me by email to get started on your custom piece.
To see what else I create when I'm not making Ice Skating Jewellery, take a look at my other website:
Bespoke Personalised Ice Skating Necklace
 Bespoke Personalised Ice Skating Necklace
Personalised Gold Star Charm | Ice Skating Jewellery
 Personalised Gold Star Charm
Crown emoji charm | Ice Skating Jewellery
Crown Emoji Charm in Gold Plated Silver 
Personalised Gold Heart charm | Ice Skating Jewellery
 Personalised Gold Heart Charm for British Champion - Amy World
  Handmade Personalised Ice Skating Necklace made from clients' recycled 14ct rose gold.
  9ct Gold Ice Skating Boots Charm | Ice Skating Jewellery
 9ct Gold Ice Skating Boots Charm
9ct gold ice skating necklace by diana greenwood
 Personalised Ice Skating Necklace created from clients recycled 9ct yellow gold.
 Necklaces celebrating personal achievements in synchronised skating at the World Synchronised Skating Championships
 Royal Skating Club, Silver Ice Skating Brooches Commission 2018  
Royal Skating Club Silver Brooch Commission
Silver Ice Skating Jewellery Necklaces on a white background

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